Transforming Pentecostalism: The Changing Face of New Zealand Pentecostalism, 1920-2010
Brett Knowles


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Asbury Theological Seminary Series:

The Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements in Pentecostal & Charismatic Studies (No. 8)


This volume presents the definitive interpretation of Pentecostalism’s history in New Zealand from its origin to the present. Unlike Australia, China, Korea, India, and Japan where the Pentecostal Movement was flourishing by 1909, the movement did not become visible in New Zealand until the English Pentecostal Evangelist, Smith Wigglesworth, held a series of crusades throughout the country in 1922. Knowles’ extensive research, however, demonstrates that a Pentecostal presence did exist by 1903. In that year, John A.D. Adams, a disciple of John Alexander Dowie, founded the Roslyn City Road Mission in Dunedin. This group advocated “perfect liberty for the exercise of spiritual gifts,” including glossolalia. Adams visited the Azusa Street Mission in 1907 and later became an Elder in the Pentecostal Church of New Zealand after its formation in 1923 in the wake of Wigglesworth’s crusades. This monograph is the culmination of years of research and reflection as Knowles grounds the movement’s roots in the nineteenth-century soil of New Zealand’s culture and particularly in the heritage of revivalism and healing in that country. He then describes the movement’s development as he analyzes its salient features decade by decade.

D. William Faupel, Editor of the Asbury Theological Seminary Series in Pentecostal/ Charismatic Studies



About the Author:

Brett Knowles has served the Pentecostal movement for more than fifty years as an elder, ordained pastor, missionary, Bible teacher and Bible School principal, speaker and National Ministry Training Coordinator. He holds three theological degrees—including a PhD in Church History—from the University of Otago, where he taught Church History in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. He has also served on the staff of Sekolah Teologi Tinggi, Tawangmangu, Central Java, Indonesia and, latterly, as Director of Academic Resources and Senior Lecturer in Church History at Sydney College of Divinity in Australia, from post which he retired in 2008. He continues to contribute to teaching, the supervision and examination of postgraduate students and research.





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