Revitalization Amid Diaspora
J. Steven O'Malley


Asbury Theological Seminary Series:

The Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements


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More than 400 million persons are living in a state of permanent diaspora throughout the world. These dislocated persons are particularly susceptible to receptivity to the redemptive message of Jesus Christ and, being scattered as transnationals outside traditional homelands, to finding their identity in the people of God being gathered by the Holy Spirit in the unfolding of salvation history. Most of these persons hail from the Global South and East, where an explosive growth of Christian communities is occurring within the context of revitalization. Communities in the Global North, including the United States, are meanwhile being remapped with the influx of transnational persons. The multiplication of Hispanic and Asian churches has become the major feature of church growth in a North American Christianity, with its rapidly declining mainline denominational church bodies. This book presents six cases of current revitalization movements amidst diaspora followed by a group of interpretative essays.


About the Author:

     J. Steven O’Malley (B.A., Indiana Central University; B.D., Yale University Divinity School; Ph.D., Drew University) is the J. T. Seamands Professor of Methodist Holiness History, Asbury Theological Seminary. An ordained minister in the United Methodist Church, O’Malley has earned recognition for his research and publications in post-Reformation and modern Church history, with special emphasis upon Pietism, German-American evangelicalism and the Holiness movement. He is the author of numerous works and is noted for his definitive study of the Otterbeins’ theology, Pilgrimage of Faith: The Legacy of the Otterbeins.





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