American Methodism: Past and Future Growth
William P. Payne


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The Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements in Wesleyan & Pietist Studies (No. 10)

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William P. Payne's American Methodism: Past and Future Growth is a new study of the phenomenon of early American Methodism that will be of interest to historians, church growth theorists, and especially leaders in the United Methodist Church today. His historical research breaks new ground, and his empirical analysis contributes to a better understanding of church growth. We United Methodists shall not only learn about our extraordinary heritage, but we shall receive from this study lessons that are vitally relevant for the mission of our Church today. Payne concludes with a prophetic note; how could he not, when we compare our past missionary zeal with our present predicament? But this prophetic note is well earned by the thorough research and informed analysis of the author.

--Bishop Timothy W. Whitaker, Florida Episcopal Area Southeastern Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church



The amazing and unprecedented growth of American Methodism to 1850 is well known. What is much less understood is that the growth patterns were uneven. Methodism was not always growing everywhere. In fact, even in periods of rapid expansion Methodism was declining in some areas. Why? Bill Payne provides some very insightful answers. By taking a close-up look at particular regions during specific time periods, the author shows how complex Methodism growth-and-decline patterns really were. This ground level analysis holds insights for the church today—for United Methodism certainly, but also more broadly.

--Dr. Howard A. Snyder, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto


About the Author:

William P. Payne is the Harlan and Wilma Hollewell Professor of Evangelism and World Missions at Ashland Theological Seminary. He holds the B.A., Florida Southern College; M.Div., Candler School of Theology, Emory University; Ph.D., Asbury Theological Seminary. He is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. His research interests include: Expansion of early American Methodism; Ministry with migrant populations and other displaced people groups around the world; American evangelism..





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