Heart of the Matter
Barry L. Callen


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Dr. Barry L. Callen is a seasoned scholar of the Wesleyan/ Holiness tradition who draws from this and other Christian traditions to frame an unusually well-informed account of the meaning and significance of the Christian faith. He stages eleven frank conversations among twenty-four of the great Christian thinkers of our time, bringing to the discussion table a wide range of theological voices, options, disciplines, genders, and cultures. Together they probe the central aspects of Christian belief. Intended for both the seasoned scholar and beginning theological student, Callen writes with clarity and a sense of imagination that is a new and marvelous way of doing theology seriously and yet understandably.


 Someone new to the field of theology is invited to “listen” to these conversations and then pursue the issues raised in a formal classroom or personal quest-group setting. Excellent support resources are provided. This second edition of the book features three new voices, Thomas Oden, James Cone, and Roger Olson. They bring fresh ecumenical, consensual, evangelical, and racial perspectives, as well as new emphasis on the significant African roots of Christian theology.


About the Author:

     Barry L. Callen is Dean and Professor of Christian Studies Emeritus of Anderson University, founding editor of Anderson University Press and Aldersgate Press, longtime editor of the Wesleyan Theological Journal, and corporate secretary of Horizon International (ministry to AIDS orphans in Africa). He has authored dozens of books, including Authentic Spirituality, Catch Your Breath!, Discerning the Divine, Approaching Theology, and God As Loving Grace.





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