Developing Ears to Hear
Aaron Perry


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Asbury Theological Seminary Series:

The Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements in Wesleyan & Pietist Studies (No. 5)


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This is a book about listening. It is about active, engaged listening which discovers, in the process, many wonderful redemptive moments which can bring healing, hope, and a renewed sense of direction and purpose in our relationships. The authors are all practiced in listening, whether it be listening in worship, listening to those we are discipling, or really listening to the Word of God through the practice of lectio divina. This collection of essays is a prescription for a new period of health and vitality for the church.

-Dr. Timothy C Tennant, President, Asbury Theological Seminary


The bookends of this collection alone are worth the price of admission. Between these framings, Aaron Perry’s collections may be the most important counsel for leaders in the Church of the emerging 21st century. LISTEN. These essays commend a practice of listening leading beyond mere conversation into the very mystery of conversion. They prescribe a variety of vulnerability with the medicinal capacity to cure the cancerous cynicism infecting the present age. In so doing, they reconnect ears to eyes, hearing and the heart, and listening with love.

-JD Walt, VP for Community Life, Asbury Theological Seminary




About the Author:

Aaron Perry (M.A. Asbury Theological Seminary) is an evangelical theologian in the Wesleyan tradition. He is the author of numerous articles and reviews and co-author of He Ascended into Heaven. He is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church.





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