The Certainty of Faith and the Probabilities of Salvation History
Laurence W. Wood


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Asbury Theological Seminary Series:

The Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements in Philosophical & Systematic Theology


"This book gives a comprehensive and fascinating account of the development of the idea of history in correspondence to changing conceptions of the divine reality, from its origin in Ancient Israel and in Greece all the way to the contemporary discussion. It focuses on the rise of critical historical investigation in modern times and on the struggle of modern theology to come to terms with it. It is an important contribution to this discussion. The split between fact and meaning is persuasively identified as a main obstacle and it is shown to be overcome in the reconstruction of history in the light of the eschatological future. Also very helpful is the final chapter on time (space-time) and eternity with its emphasis on Boethius and with its critical remarks on nontrinitarian theistic notions of a personal God."

--Wolfhart Pannenberg, University of Munich



About the Author:

Laurence W. Wood is the Frank Paul Morris Professor of Theology at Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky. Dr. Wood also taught philosophy at Roberts Wesleyan College and Houghton College prior to his present position. He was editor of The Asbury Theological Journal for nineteen years. He served in pastoral ministry for eight years in Kentucky and Indiana prior to his academic teaching positions. His areas of expertise include systematic theology, contemporary theology, Wesleyan theology and Wesley Studies. He currently serves as the Academic Coordinator for the London School of Theology/Asbury Theological Seminary Affiliate Ph.D. Degree Program. He has written numerous books and contributed chapters to books and articles for academic journals. His journal article, “Recent Brain Research and the Mind-Body Dilemma,” was selected by Christianity Today as the best article in systematic theology (1988) and republished in The Best in Theology, ed.James I. Packer and Paul Fromer (Carol Stream, Illinois: Christianity Today, Inc. 1988). His book The Meaning of Pentecost in Early Methodism, Rediscovering John Fletcher as John Wesley’s Vindicator and Designated Successor was the winner of the Smith-Wynkoop 2003 Book of the Year award presented by the Wesleyan Theological Society.





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